Michaela Oldfield, PhD

College of Law and Institute for Food Laws & Regulations
517-432-6998 Intercom: 121

Michaela’s research interest is in how to develop regulatory systems that effectively address diverse stakeholders’ concerns within complex, dynamic, globalized agri-food systems. As the Global Research Fellow, Michaela is helping to organize a workshop on Global Food Law Issues and is conducting research on the interactions between public and private regulatory regimes at multiple national and transnational levels. Michaela is also blogging about agrifood systems policy and legal issues at http://iflr.foodlaw.org/. Michaela earned a Ph.D. in Community, Food and Agriculture at Michigan State University under Mike Hamm and her J.D. from the University of Michigan College of Law.


  • It's Quite Natural for States to Regulate Labeling

    January 15, 2016

    In this post, CRFS affiliate Michaela Oldfield explores ways that state laws could impact federal food policy using two examples: a recent decision in California on the National Organic Program, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association's challenge to Vermont's bill requiring labels for genetically engineered products.