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Michigan Apple Crunch Webinar

Oct 05 2015

2:00 pm  - 3:00 pm

We ask that all Michiganders crunch into a healthy, delicious Michigan apple to show our support for Michigan farmers on October 22nd. The Michigan Apple Crunch webinar will help you learn how.

See full event page for more information. 


Michigan Good Food Fund

Jul 17 2015

A public-private partnership loan and grant fund for good food enterprises that benefit underserved communities across Michigan. The fund offers financing and business assistance to good food enterprises that grow, process, distribute, and sell healthy food that reaches low-income populations in Michigan.


Race, Ethnicity, and the Promise of “Good Food” for Michigan: A three-voice commentary

Aug 11 2015


This set of three interconnected commentaries begins by tracing the evolving narrative of the local food movement to embrace racial equity as a critical part of a sustainable food system in Michigan, using the Michigan Good Food Charter as a potential framework. Researchers, educators, and advocates of local food must first have a clear understanding of the structural racism that is present in the American food system before they can work effectively toward the vision of sustainable and equitable food for all. The commentary then calls out the need for new tools and resources for local food students and professionals (including Cooperative Extension staff) to better understand the role structural racism plays in the U.S. food system. One new resource identified and developed by two of the commentary authors is an annotated bibliography of structural racism present in the U.S. food system.


racial equity, structural racism, good food, local food systems, Michigan Good Food Charter


Pirog, R., Koch, K., & Guel, A. (2015). Race, ethnicity, and the promise of “Good Food” for Michigan: A three-voice commentary. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.5304/jafscd.2015.054.011


This commentary is freely available online at: http://www.agdevjournal.com/component/content/article/205-commentaries-on-race-and-ethnicity/554-good-food-for-michigan.html.