Engaging the people of Michigan, the United States and the world in developing regionally integrated, sustainable food systems.


16th Annual Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference: Recognizing Our Roots

Jan 23 2015

The Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference (NMFSC) exists to support promotion and creation of a vibrant local agriculture community, to equip the small farm community with the tools to be successful, and to be a forum for the open exchange of ideas within the small farm community. This is accomplished primarily through the annual conference in January, but is also accomplished through the support of other educational opportunities throughout the year.

Registration deadline is January 19, 2014. For more information, visit: http://smallfarmconference.com/

CRFS and the C.S. Mott Endowed Professor of Sustainable Agriculture have been longstanding supporters of the the NMSFC.


Food Justice and Sovereignty Work Group

Dec 11 2014

Sharing, connecting with, and conducting food justice research, education, and outreach on systemic food system injustices.


Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan

Dec 17 2014

The “Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan” webinar delves deeper into the collective assets and strengths present in Michigan’s local food councils and explores what the gaps and needs are as we begin to form a statewide food council network. This webinar was hosted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014.

Michaelle Rehmann, Consultant, shares findings from interviews with local food council representatives. She also shares background information on councils in Michigan and discusses the potential for a statewide network and proposed network functions.

Kathryn Colasanti, Specialist, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, discusses next steps in the formation of a network, including a request for proposals for network coordination.


Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan Webinar

Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan Webinar presentation slides