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Local Food Council Network Meeting

Oct 27 2014

Capacity Building from Emerging to Established

The Local Food Council Network meeting on the day prior to the Michigan Good Food Summit is open to members of food councils and those interested in partnering with food councils.


MSU Student Organic Farm

Apr 09 2014

A 10-acre, certified organic year-round teaching and production farm providing learning opportunities through courses in organic farming, interdisciplinary experiential educational activities, and research opportunities.


Michigan Meat Processing Capacity Assessment Final Report

Sep 26 2014

This publication details results from a 2014 study of meat processors in Michigan. MSU Extension and CRFS Livestock Work Group members surveyed processors to better understand the state of the Michigan meat industry. The report includes details of the demographics of Michigan’s meat processor operations, the types of business that exist, markets that the businesses serve, and some of the operators’ future business plans.

A corresponding map of meat processing and slaughter facilities in Michigan is available on the MSU Extension website.

Michigan Meat Processing Capacity Assessment Final Report