Engaging the people of Michigan, the United States and the world in developing regionally integrated, sustainable food systems.


Michigan Food Hub Network/ Michigan Farm to Institution Network Statewide Collaborative Meeting

Jul 16 2015


This two day long joint meeting will be July 15th and 16th, it will highlight synergies and areas of collaboration between the Michigan Food Hub Network and The Michigan Farm to Institution network.

See full event page for more information.


Local Governments & Local Food Systems

Apr 07 2015

An outreach and research program  to build capacity for local government engagement in food system development.


Shared Measurement Formative Research Executive Summary

May 26 2015

This report highlights results from interviews and surveys of stakeholders working on goals of the Charter. Results show a need for training and interest in collecting data on food access, economic impacts and institutional procurement. Findings were discussed with the Advisory Committee at an April meeting, along with types of training desired, ways to utilize secondary data and potential pilot indicators.

Shared Measurement Formative Research Executive Summary