Predictors of Food Hub Financial Viability

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There are few studies that examine the financial viability of food hub businesses. This research attempts to identify key differences between food hubs that appear financially viable and those that do not by examining operational characteristics and spending profiles in food hubs studied in the 2013 National Food Hub Survey. Findings suggest that the most important predictors of financial viability are the absolute amount of annual gross revenue the hub generates and the expenditure profile of the food hub. Based on these findings, recommendations are suggested for those planning new hubs.



food hubsfood systemsfinancial viability



Fischer, Micaela, R. Pirog, M. Hamm (2015). Predictors of Food Hub Financial Viability. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition 10(1) 100-114.






Corresponding author

Mike Hamm 

Author(s): Micaela Fischer, Rich Pirog, Mike Hamm
Date: May 25, 2015