Janice Siegford, PhD

Animal Science

More information- Animal Behavior and Welfare Group

Over the course of her academic career Janice has studied science writing (BS, Cornell), zoology (MS, U ID), neuroscience (PhD, WA St), & animal welfare (postdoc, MSU) in species ranging from parakeets & gerbils to companion animals & livestock. She is currently an Asst. Professor in the Animal Behavior & Welfare Group in the Dept of ANS at MSU. She teaches online & face-to-face classes in animal behavior & welfare to undergraduate, graduate & veterinary students. On the research side, her lab uses non-invasive & automated techniques to study the behavior & welfare of animals, particularly laying hens & dairy cattle, in response to different environments & management practives. She is interested in identifying management practives & environmental conditions, particularly for young animals, that allow expression of positive natural behaviors while improving animal welfare in the context of sustainable production systems.