Laura Goddeeris


Laura Goddeeris

A native of East Lansing, Laura Goddeeris joined the CS Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems (now CRFS) in 2008 with a broad background in interdisciplinary research, community activism and program administration. As the director of CRFS’ Food & Community Connections project, Laura coordinates outreach engaging national organizations in improving food systems and community environments, linking ground-level efforts and national stakeholders to inform policy and systems change. She is particularly focused on exploring opportunities for local governments to support regional food systems. Prior to joining the Mott Group/CRFS, Laura spent several years in Chicago, where she worked on a wide range of community development, economic, and environmental issues, including a study of Chicago grocer location patterns and a primer on Chicago’s community-based food system resources. She holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science from Michigan State University, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

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  • A Taste of ICMA-MSU’s 2015 Local Food Survey Results

    February 9, 2016

    In the coming months, ICMA will release the full findings from its survey on local government engagement in food system activities. Conducted for the second time in partnership with CRFS, this survey highlights changes and trends since 2012 and provides new insights from the 2,237 respondents.